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Our Services

Holistic and Comprehensive Wellness

We work collaboratively with our clients to address root causes of acute and chronic illnesses.  We also provide our clients with the tools needed to prevent disease processes, and create a healthy body.

Our Services

Nutritional Supplementation

Are nutritional supplements right for you?  Who needs them?  How much do you need?  How do you know if you're getting a quality supplement?  Do they work?

We will outline a supplement regimen uniquely designed for your specific needs based on laboratory data, as well as clinical findings.

Our Services

Specialty Care

From hormone imbalances to gut dysbiosis, we will work with you to obtain appropriate testing and treatment.  We have access to numerous laboratory companies offering testing that is not found in conventional healthcare settings.  Our goal is to ensure your health is "optimal," not just "normal."  Our treatment protocols will be uniquely developed just for you.

Our Services

IV Therapy

IV Therapy gives your body nutrients directly, bypassing the stomach and eliminating absorption issues due to leaky gut or other gut issues.

Some of the therapies we offer are

  • Immune System Boosters
  • Migraine Cocktail
  • Alcohol Overindulgence Cocktail
  • and many others

Hormone Replacement

Natural Hormones are the key to EvexiPEL® Hormone Replacement Therapy and Hormone Optimization for men and women. I am a Certified EvexiPEL® Provider. Call now for a consultation.


Xeomin® is unique. It was the first clinically proven anti-wrinkle injection uniquely purified to remove proteins unnecessary for treatment.

Xeomin is indicated for temporary improvement in the appearance of moderate to severe glabellar lines in adult patients. 


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About Us

Wendy Enneking


I founded Intention Health and Wellness, PLLC, in 2018. My vision is to provide high-quality, integrative health care in a concierge setting. Clients can expect a highly personalized assessment, laboratory testing, recommendations, and treatment protocols not typically found in conventional health care settings. 

I am a nurse practitioner with board certifications in adult and women's health. I earned my undergraduate nursing degree at the University of Kentucky.  My master's and doctorate degrees were both earned at Vanderbilt University.  

I started my nursing career at the University of Kentucky Medical Center as a critical care nurse.  I have been working as a nurse practitioner in integrative medicine since 2013.  I love counseling clients on disease-prevention strategies rather than using conventional approaches to treat symptoms and disease processes.  I am passionate about working with my clients to find the root causes of illness.  

After a 10-year career in television news broadcasting, I transitioned to the healthcare field.  

When I'm not working with my clients, I enjoy being a baseball and volleyball mom, riding horses, and working on my small farm.  

why we do it

We’ve been there

Allopathic medicine has provided us with countless achievements in disease diagnosis, treatment, and cures.  Despite that, the overall health of our country continues to deteriorate as chronic disease states including diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, and many others continue to rise.  The most recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows more than 42% of the US population is obese.  Prior to entering the area of integrative and functional medicine, I was able to witness the common approach to patient care in allopathic medicine.  If a patient has an ailment, we diagnose it and treat it if a treatment is available.  We never dig deeper for a root cause, and we rarely collaborate with the patient to limit the progression of that ailment or perhaps even overcome it.  This is a frustrating process for providers like myself who want to engage and empower our patients to take ownership of their journey toward optimal health.  When a patient works with a functional or integrative healthcare provider, he or she will be treated from a holistic perspective.  Possible root causes will be explored, comprehensive testing will be performed, alternative lifestyle modalities will be discussed, and both conventional and non-conventional strategies will be outlined.  We generally meet patients who are at a crossroads with their health.  They have exhausted all of their options in allopathic medicine and still feel poorly.  They are ready for fresh ideas and are prepared to start a journey toward optimal quality of life.  We do this, so that we can meet patients at this intersection, and help them choose the path that aligns with their long-term health goals. 


What they say

Marie Jones 


These 2 testimonials are just after you’ve introduced your business, so they should focus on how great the products are and why they are worth trusting.

Clara parker


These 2 testimonials are just after you’ve introduced your business, so they should focus on how great the products are and why they are worth trusting.

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