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Hormone therapy is the use of hormones to treat and restore hormone balance within the human body. Hormone imbalance can occur for a variety of reasons, but is most commonly associated with aging. Symptoms of hormone imbalance that are effectively treated with hormone replacement therapy include hot flashes, night sweats, irritability, anxiety, weight gain, muscle loss, joint pain, poor sleep, and more. 

At Intention Health and Wellness, our practitioners exclusively offer bioidentical hormone replacement therapy integrated with functional medicine practices to help patients overcome the negative symptoms of hormone imbalance, as well as experience wellbeing and better health as they age. Every treatment plan is designed to suit the unique needs of each patient’s personal medical history, health status, and lifestyle preferences. 



Approximately 12 percent of the U.S. population suffers from thyroid dysfunction, yet 60 percent of Americans are undiagnosed. This is often due to the ambiguous nature of symptoms, which classically masquerade as symptoms of stress, aging, or even depression and anxiety. Untreated thyroid dysfunction can increase your risk of other diseases or worsen the impact of other conditions, such as diabetes or heart disease.

If you feel tired all the time, struggle with sleep, weight gain, depression, anxiety, or mood swings–it might be a hormone imbalance related to your thyroid. The thyroid influences nearly every cell in the body, making any dysfunction a significant issue.

The good news is that thyroid hormone imbalances can be treated; however, not just any treatment will do. Treatment must begin with accurate lab testing of all the hormones that play a role in thyroid function, including: thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), T3, T4, reverse T3, and cortisol. Your practitioner should evaluate all of these hormones throughout the treatment process to adequately assess thyroid function and determine the progress of treatment.

Thyroid dysfunction can impact your overall health and contribute to uncomfortable symptoms. EVEXIAS Health Solutions trains providers to expertly assess lab results, looking beyond obscure ranges of “normal” and seeking to achieve optimal health and function for each patient. If you are concerned about your thyroid health or are experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance, it is time to find a provider near you.


As a woman ages, estrogen levels decline, with sharp decreases occurring near middle age. Low levels of estrogen have been shown to contribute to uncomfortable symptoms, such as hot flashes, night sweats, low libido, weight gain, mood swings, and more. Although the dramatic decline and affiliated symptoms are classically linked to perimenopause and menopause, low estrogen can occur before middle age.

Women experiencing symptoms of low estrogen should have their hormone levels evaluated by an expert who is trained to carefully analyze lab results and understands the delicate nature of hormonal imbalance. Though your lab results may show that your levels are within “normal” range, it may not be the definition of “normal” for you. Providers trained in hormone balance know that there is a distinct difference between “normal” and optimal.

Low levels of estrogen can impact your overall health and contribute to uncomfortable symptoms. Either condition can occur with menopause. Estrogen pellet therapy may be an effective solution to low estrogen and can help relieve symptoms of hormone imbalance. EvexiPEL estrogen pellet therapy is a bioidentical hormone therapy option that uses the highest-quality ingredients, proprietary formulation, and requires advanced-level training for all EvexiPEL-certified providers.


Many people believe that testosterone is the male hormone. However, both men and women make and need testosterone for optimal health. Testosterone plays a significant role in male and female sexual health, brain health, and weight management. As testosterone levels decline with age, you may experience a lack of focus, brain fog, low libido, an inability to build muscle, or weight gain.

Testosterone therapy helps patients identify and restore hormone levels to an optimal state to eliminate symptoms and enhance health and wellbeing. Testosterone therapy is also effective in supporting a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart attack. Testosterone therapy is available as injections, creams, and pellets. Testosterone pellet therapy is renowned as the most effective form of testosterone therapy.

Hormone Replacement for Men

We also offer hormone options for men. If you are suffering from low libido, low energy, depression, or unexplained body aches and pains, you may have low testosterone. To find out we will run a blood panel to determine your current levels and work with you to optimize them so you feel your best.  

Optimal levels are typically between 600 and 900 mg/dL. Too much can have a negative affect, as can too little. We also make sure your body is actually utilizing testosterone properly both endogenous (what your body makes) and exogenous (shots, pellets or creams). You might have high total testosterone but if your body is pushing it down the wrong pathway or it is getting bound up instead of remaining free your body isn't utilizing it correctly and you may experience the symptoms of low testosterone

Men also need Estrogen, and progesterone. Typically these hormones are considered "women's" hormones, but men need them as well. Not too much though. Estrogen in men is the main hormone for libido or sex drive.

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