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Sciton BBL Hero

Broadband Light Skin Repair

Sciton BBL Hero

The Sciton BBL Hero uses broadband light technology to repair damage to the skin including too much sun exposure, acne, and loose skin.

The Sciton BBL Hero uses a proprietary Pulsed-Light technology that can treat your skin in under 20 minutes

  • Quick and easy full-body treatments.
  • Comfortable with minimal downtime.
  • Customizable for powerful, long-lasting results.

How it Works

01. Overview

BBL Hero quickly treats large areas, such as the back, legs, and arms in minutes with visible, lasting results.

02. Multi-Pass Approach

BBL HERO’s proprietary technology safely and effectively treats aesthetic concerns on every skin type.

A single pass with the BBL HERO handpiece addresses the skin’s overall appearance, while multiple passes using different wavelengths of light help correct pigmented lesions, skin flushing, and acne and may even result in the appearance of tighter skin.

03. Effective Results

Get the skin you want, look younger, get rid of unwanted hair and acne

Treatable Areas

BBL Hero treats all skin types, anywhere on the body.









What it Treats

BBL Herotreats a variety of common skin concerns, including:

Signs of Aging

BBL Hero delivers light therapy to specifically address the appearance of aging, including age spots, freckles, and sun damage

Small Vessels

BBL Hero is a safe, effective treatment for burst vessels and rosacea by diffusing redness, reducing small vascular legions, and smoothing the skin

Active Acne

The Forever Clear mode of the BBL Hero utilizes Blue Light technology to effectively address acne breakouts in patients as young as teens

Excess Hair

Forever Bare BBL quickly address unwanted hair on most skin types.

Loose or Sagging Skin

HALO triggers your body's natural healing response, stimulating the production of new, healthy cells that help reduce the appearance of large pores.

What our Clients Have to Say

Wendy Enneking



What does all that mean?

  • Doctorate in Nursing Practice -DNP
  • Advanced Practice Registered Nurse - APRN
  • Dual board-certified: Adult Nurse Practitioner (certified) ANP-C: 
  • Women's Health Nurse Practitioner (board certified) WHNP-BC

Wendy Enneking, APRN, DNP, ANP-C, WHNP-BC founded Intention Health and Wellness, PLLC in 2018. Her vision is to provide high-quality, integrative health care in a concierge setting.  Clients can expect a highly personalized assessment, laboratory testing, recommendations, and treatment protocols not normally found in conventional health care settings.  

Wendy is a nurse practitioner with board certifications in adult and women's health. She earned her undergraduate nursing degree at the University of Kentucky.  Her master's and doctorate degrees were both earned at Vanderbilt University.  

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